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European Research Day 2018

En el día Europeo de Ciencia ACE Japón muestra sus actividades y la conexión con otras associaciones de investigadores fuera de España.

The European Research Day 2018 (ERD 2018) is the fourth edition of an event organised by EURAXESS Japan, which aims to bring together the European research community currently based in Japan to discuss research, careers and relation to Europe.

ACE Japon has talked about the following topics:

ACE Japón and RAICEX

ACE Japón, the Association of Spanish Researchers in Japan, is a non-profit organization that serves to the Spanish scientific community in Japan, facilitating the adaptation, offering networking and promoting collaborations between organizations.

The Association has been around for 4 years now and it has grown in its scope and activities, as well as its presence in the social networking and international relevance (RAICEX, a newly founded network of Spanish Researchers around the world).

During this session we have talked about 3 topics:

  1. Update on our goals and activities. Speaker: Ángela Ares, postdoctoral fellow at Marine Biophysics Unit in the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), and secretary of ACE Japón.

  2. How do we reach the community and society? Our social networking tools. Speaker: Ana San Gabriel, science communication general manager, Ajinomoto Inc., and community manager of ACE Japón.

  3. RAICEX: Network of Associations of Spanish Researchers Abroad. Speaker: Susana de Vega, senior researcher and assistant professor, Juntendo University, Tokyo, and chairwoman of ACE Japón.

Check the video of the event on the facebook of ACE Japon.

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